The VIH Program for Women, Non-Binary, and Transgender Global Leaders prepares scholars for tomorrow's global challenges by offering a unique opportunity for global experiences, leadership development, and community service. 
In 2018, I was chosen as one of three first-time scholars to be admitted into the program and receive a scholarship for a summer global experience of their choosing.
After our unique experiences abroad, the 2018 RMU cohort consisting of myself, Margo Gamble, and Bethany Giombetti developed a presentation called "Mind the Gap: Building Cross Cultural Understanding at Robert Morris University."
The video shown below was created by our cohort for our presentation, contributing editing for the video and illustrations for our slideshow.
"As we reflected on our time abroad, we realized that we all had one experience in common: feeling welcomed by the locals of the country we had studied abroad in. 
This made us start thinking about the experience that international students have on our campus while attending Robert Morris. 
We realized that, from our observations, that international students and American students do not interact as frequently as we interacted with locals in our study abroad country. 
We want to bridge that gap between international students and American students on our campus and find ways in which they can get the most out of their study abroad experience just as we had."
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